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In 2008, at a time when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was emerging as a regional economic power, Jeddah Foundation Company was founded. Over the next ten years the Group established itself as a major player in the Kingdom’s economy,particularly in the Piling, Shoring, Soil Improvement, Anchoring, Dewatering, Civil Construction and Marine Works industries, thus contributing extensively to the growth and development of Saudi Arabia. In a relatively short period of time, the dedicated, qualified and experienced workforce of the Jeddah Foundation Company has grown enormously to currently number in excess of 250 people. This workforce encompasses every discipline required for the wide variety of specialized services provided by the Company to its valued clients. Jeddah Foundation Company operate an enormous variety of plant and equipment that vary from huge drilling rigs down to micro piling rigs along with everything in between necessary for cutting,digging, shaping and transporting. One of the main subsidiaries of the Company is, UMF Marine. It is a Marine Construction Company, including a number of barges that are capable of working through the hardest condition that may be encountered in the region.